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Ten songs to listen to alone at night after you've realized what your life has become...


released July 2, 2010

© 2010 Electric Jones Records

Running Time: 36 Minutes 15 Seconds

All songs written and performed by Matt Anderson and Aldous Davidson

Aldous raps; Matt makes the music and sings

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Anderson

Electric Jones Publishing (BMI)

* Dilia Jelen is featured on Come and Dance
* Vanessa Rubio is featured on Sister




all rights reserved


Electric Shadow Puppets New York, New York

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Track Name: Game Over
Fear not my children, it’s written in the stars
They’ve read it in my palms, consult my tarot cards
I've looked in crystal balls, the Ouija boards
Nostradamus gave his promise to those of you and yours
We have returned with sensory perception
Of extraordinary divine intervention
They’ve seen our ascension
For centuries, they’ve sensed it
It's senseless for skeptics to seek to go against it
Spoken in hushed tones by Skulls and the Crossbones
Secret societies; stories have foretold
Ancient hieroglyphics scriptures
The textures in fabrics woven in pictures, it's magic
And wizardry mixed throughout history
Prophesied on the lips by the most important of ministries
Will anything like it ever be seen again?
Not likely, we might be the Children of Men.

In denial some will be
Taking over our destiny
Girl don't try now to tag along
Spit you out when we've had enough

The last of a breed that’s dying and dire in need
Of a sign, we want to believe
Revolution will come, solutions will come
That we won’t succumb but they say we naïve
But I’ve seen the future, our youth is the suture
That holds us together when the world has been severed
Stitches are needed, our people are bleeding
Mom and dad can’t stop grieving, their oldest son leaving
For war, what for? Who do you turn to?
When the government’s burned you, you can’t take anymore
Just slip on your headphones, play your guitar
Let the music take over, it's led you this far
Come on

Track Name: Louder
Why hello there, you’re back again
So glad you could join us, please fasten in
Your seatbelts, strap those fat asses in
I’m about to hit the gas again, go fast as sin
This time second rounds on us
But don’t sip slow, go ahead and pound the stuff
Pound it loud, till you reach an unsafe sound
Till the doors to your house are getting pounded down
Shit's so loud, that you’re hearing windows break
It's too much for your mind to take
You can't hear yourself think
Your eardrums are near numb
This is the music they said to steer clear from
Respectable decibel levels are suggestible
But make like a festival and crank the shit
Up, up on your speakers till you blow off your sneakers
If the music comes calling, best answer it
And turn it up

Turn it up loud
Turn it up loud
Turn it up loud

So many hertz it hurts
Put the speakers to the ground till it shakes the earth
But the bass to your face till it makes it burst
Any place, outer space, so loud they can hear the verse
Refreshing to your ear like you hear with a pack of certs
Call my lawyer, get my case reversed
Noise pollution? Tell the judge that I ain't moving
Till its proven I'm a public nuisance
I love my music, just listen to it, it’s the beautiful-est
Thing that you ever heard
Every noun, every single verb
Every letter put together, every single word
Every jock, every nerd, every cop, every perp
Every mom and pop shop in the 'burbs
Put a stop to your work
Turn it up a notch, feel the surge of power
Now turn it up louder
Turn it up

Track Name: Come and Dance (featuring Dilia Jelen)
See you standing there with your back against the wall
You won't be alone tonight, just let me try to make you mine
Look into my eyes and you will see the other side
Holding on to what we feel can make it right every time

Just for a second, I thought I was in heaven
You without a partner, so I thought I’d step in
We can do the foxtrot, cha-cha, tango
If you want to waltz, we slide in a piano
Anything you want girl, merengue, I can be your sensei
Just go with your senses, you are my apprentice
I can give you lessons, follow my directions
Right pivot, turn, perfection

Come and dance with me
You girl, are all I need

Feeling kind of somber, we can do the samba
We can dirty dance it, we can watch La Bamba
Anything you wanna, if you want to salsa
I will be the leader but I can follow also
We can get impulsive, I can feel your pulse it's
Racing like a heart beat, it feels a bit explosive
You on the ballroom floor, the bell of the ball
You the center of attention of it all
Like the writing on a bathroom stall, you can’t help but draw
Those looks in, girl, I’m hooked in
As soon as we shook hands, got things cooking
Compliment each other like bookends, girl
So why don’t you Step to my Lou
Keep step with my moves
There's no way we can mess up and lose
Cause I'm dancing with the best girl, you're dancing with the best man
We can do it much better than the rest can

Let you take my mind like there's no one else around
Lust can make the soul go blind, let the body do what it wants to
I just want to taste all the essence of you girl
If you let me come inside, I'll finally have made you mine

Don't be shy no more boy
Feet out on the floor boy
Back up off the wall boy
You're about to fall boy

Track Name: We Won't Fall
Long ago only the strong could flow
But those days are so long gone, you know
It seems any Joe Blow can take a song he wrote
And put it on youtube, that’s all she wrote
Then shit blows up, you’re the next big thing
And it just ain't over till the fat lady sings
But her song's catchy and her song swings
So now she’s more popular than you’ve ever been
So it just goes to show that you ain't so special
Unless you plan on taking this shit to the next level
I ain't hear you sneeze so god aint bless you
Your shit don’t stink but you still are an asshole
Pour a little gasoline on the fire
Watch the flames get higher like a funeral pyre
Even Richard Pryor aint hot as us
And he set himself on fire and that’s hot as fuck
Blame the machines or go against them, rage
(We won't fall down)
Matt’s like Jimmy Hendrix, Page
Jon Frusciante and I’m like Dante
(We won't fall down)
And this the Inferno the way we burn you
Put you in the kettle like a kernel
(We won't fall down)
Eternal hell and watch you pop, pop
Corny mother fuckers please stop, stop
(We won't fall down)
Don’t quit your day jobs, it's all that you got, got

Competition in the fetal position
Too hot for you? Get your ass out the kitchen
What we’re cooking up's got so much nutrition
Whipping up diction, filled with ambition
Not an ounce of fat in my raps
What you wanna drink? Let's see what's on tap
Similes and metaphors behind the bars
No carbs and no extra charge, let's go
Kid, I heard you spit, maybe you should swallow
Heard you talking shit, huh, baby needs a bottle
Respect your role models, expect us full throttle
We’re coming for the titles like American Idols
Born to shine since the dawn of time
Electric Shadow Puppets, baby, press rewind
Press kit lined with impressive signs
Of future success, yes, you root for the best
When you root for us, come on and shoot for us
(We won't fall down)
Like you shoot for the stars, yeah, we raise the bar
We doing something here that’s never done before
(We won't fall down)
The sound we making here was never heard at all
We done set the standard, we up the ante
(We won't fall down)
We tickle your fancy and we wet your panties
Tell your family, shout from the rooftops
(We won't fall down)
ESP is in your jukebox

We won't fall down
Track Name: Sister (featuring Vanessa Rubio)
Can you feel it now? I can feel it now
It's that new energy, it makes you want to scream it loud
It’s the sunny days, like the first of Spring
It's been a cold winter, but you know what April brings
Don’t think hateful things, think those good thoughts
Keep your head up girl, I know it's hard, you feel lost
But we’re there for you, and we care for you
There’s still so many things your family wants to share with you
I’m prepared to do, whatever it takes to make
You feel life’s worth living, your branch is too strong to break
You can’t leave yet, I’m not prepared to mourn
You should outlive your parents, you’re their first born

I know that you've felt crazy lately
But take my hand, I'll bring you back home safely
You got to know how happy you make me
I love you greatly, we love you greatly

Can you feel it now? It's that summer sun
On the horizon, it's rising, it's coming up
Can you feel the warmth? Let it calm your nerves
You living proof that the angels can walk the earth
Take your pain away, and the strain away
Here’s some good vibes, I saved them for a rainy day
I don’t need them anyway
You need them more than me
Cause you mean more to me, you're important to me
You my sister, it’s that family love
That understanding love, that undemanding love
Don’t you dare leave now, I’m not prepared to mourn
I know there's beauty in the life that comes after the storm


Take my hand
Can you feel it now? I can feel it now
Can you feel it now? I can feel it now
Can you feel it now? I can feel it now
Can you feel it now? I can feel it now

Take my hand
Track Name: All I Know
Within your eyes shows me what the world could be
A trace of life overcomes the void in me

All my life girl I’ve been searching
For someone like you, someone perfect
I don’t know if I can word it
Any better than how you’ve heard it
When I felt worthless, I found purpose
With you cause you cared and nurtured
Me with the hands of mother earth
It's plain to see we only scratch the surface
Don’t be nervous, this is special
Let's move on up onto the next level
Friends to friends with benefits, several
Steps away and we can settle
Down like a married couple does
I'm on one knee and that’s because
I want you and that’s forever
Lets be each other's better half together

And you could be all I know
And we will see where this goes
Just promise me that we can cope
And I will try to not lose hope

I don’t think this is working out
Cause all we ever do is scream and shout
We gave it time but time ran out
And maybe in time but just not now
I know deep down there's love for sure
But it feels too much like a tug of war
And you keep score and I keep score
And sometimes you act like such a cheap whore
But pop that bottle of pinot noir
And we’re back in the sack like teenagers
And suddenly we’re cuddling and in love again
I forgot you’re a bitch with a drug addiction
You forgot I’m a dick and you swore off men
But just for a moment, here let's pretend
That tomorrow's a day that may never come
And that life together has just begun


I think the future may
Bring you right back around my way
One day, someday, one decade
You can call it fate, it was meant to be
And when it does, there’ll be love
Kisses, hugs, flirtatious rubs
And when you see me, you can’t help but smile
And seeing you smile will make it all worthwhile
And try as you might, you can fight it
But you get excited when I stand beside ya
Through friendly skies we’ll fly united
My beautiful blond-haired, blushing bride
You can’t deny it, felt right, didn’t it?
Just for a minute, you saw me in it
Your future, it was you and me
And a picket fence and a family

Track Name: One Pill
This dark harsh world will leave deep scars girl
That’s why when I go, I’m gonna take you with me
Leave it all behind like fuck the city
There are places we can go that are twice as pretty
Past the city limits, close your eyes for a minute
Anything you want girl, to your heart's content
If you can dream it, you can will it, that’s what I’m saying
To hell with it all unless it's heaven sent
A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for some brain
Your body and your soul for a dollar and change
Let me take you away, far from this place
Nothing like the touch of my warm embrace
You can feel it like a train coursing through your veins
Take this little pill, it takes away the pain
These are harsh times girl, stay open-minded
There's needles in the haystack, I know you can find them

You and me, I can see (Wonders that will lead me on)
Illusions that will come to be
(One pill makes you larger)
We believe fantasy
Never mind reality
(One pill makes you smaller)
You and me, I can see (In the mind of other ones)
Illusions that will come to be
(One pill makes you stronger)
We believe fantasy
Never mind reality
(One pill makes you stranger)

Come a little closer girl, let's begin
A little mescaline, go on, digest it in
Feel the way your body copes with the mess it's in
As the chemicals seep into your estrogen
These hallucinogens, get used to them
I'm your pusher man girl, I'm useful when
You're feeling used and abused and useless and
Your neck’s bruised black and blue from the noose it's in
When push comes to shove, tell me who do you love?
When the pusher man comes with a truck full of drugs
And the lord up above ain't answering prayers
And the stairway to heaven’s got too many stairs
Take the escalator up, it’s a quick easy fix
You got wizard sleeves girl, now turn some tricks
Let me turn you on to this
Take the tourniquet and twist
It around your bicep, if you ain't high yet


Tonight we will see
Worlds appear in poppy dreams
You and I have made a pact
Now there is no turning back
Track Name: When the Sun Sets
Oh no, here we go again
Whatchu got there, Mr. Anderson?
Is that a live grenade? Fuck, he pulled the pin
Then he put it back in and pulled again
It's hard to comprehend the state of mind he's in
Cause inside that mind is the kind of kid
Whose screws are loosening, he's plain losing it
It could be all the psychedelic drugs that's doing it
A ticking time bomb that could blow any minute
The kid's nuttier than butter in a Reese's Peanut
With pieces of feces in it
He's done horrible, deplorable, incorrigible things, I've seen it
Murderous urges, subliminal verses
Played in every track backwards, satanic curses
Still it worsens, when he's not working
He's an entirely different person
He's burning churches, killing nurses
Lurking, stealing old ladies' purses
Matthew, Matthew, stop, they'll catch you
Attach and strap you to the electric chair and zap you
He's drinking up the blood of the innocent
Please open up your ears, you're not listening
I've witnessed it, some of the sickest shit
The name Damien changed at his christening

We're going crazy baby, I wouldn't trust us baby
(Even if you think you know who we are)
Our mind is gone with the sunset
(When the sun sets you will see that things aren't what they seem)
Don't believe us baby, we'll just deceive you baby
(Even if you think you know who we are)
I hear your heart beat like a drum set

Oh god, here we go again
Whatchu got there, Mr. Davidson?
An AK-47 and a crazy grin
Everybody back away, stay away from him
He might go ballistic, listed another statistic
A mind so sick and twisted
In jail, please pay him a visit
Bake him a biscuit mixed with the following equipment
A chainsaw, hacksaw, your sharpest knives
So he can make his escape when he's locked inside
The inner recesses of his mind get thinner all the time
Sniffing paint thinner that he finds
I'm a little bit concerned, from the little bit I've heard
I've learned he's alotta bit disturbed
Vehicular homicide, testicular sodomized
Iodine mixed with a touch of cyanide
Try and run and hide, he'll just bide his time
Wet his appetite but he's not satisfied
Attempted suicide, what a senseless crime
It makes more sense to commit mass genocide
Stick a fork in it, Dr. Kevorkian
Your life shortening days are coming toward an end
Matt, are you recording?
I've got some shit to say and it's important

When the sun sets
When the sun sets


When the sun sets
Track Name: Ghosts
All I see are ghosts, they tend to haunt me in my dreams
Visit me from long ago, on quiet nights you hear me scream
Nightly apparitions make me listen when I could be sleeping
Last weekend they were speaking
Keeping me from counting sheep and
Getting forty winks, I think they’re trying to tell me something here
Loud and clear, I can hear them whisper in my ear
They appear like the Ghost of Christmas Past in my presence
Teach me lessons so the essence of my future’s not unpleasant
In these distant memories, I tend to see where I went wrong
Game was tight and swagger right, I used to score like King of Kong
Then you came along, you were strong, the one who got away
And to this day, it just won’t fade
Each night your ghost comes out to play
And memories, who’s memories? I’m not at liberty to say
Although it haunts me to this day, it's safe to say, I’m not afraid
I’d drop your name but what’s to gain?
Just more agony and pain
So, back from whence you came, b-b-b-back against the grain
I put you back inside my brain and in the past you shall remain
My dark passenger's insane, he keeps on saying things have changed
Let me explain, I used to dream at night of being rich and famous
Now I’m nameless, not a penny to my name, I put the stainless
Steal .45 caliber right against my head, I pull the trigger, now he’s dead
That’s how I put these ghosts to bed
That’s how I lift these heavy burdens
Say goodbye to Tyler Durden
It's curtains for these spirits
They only haunt me in my lyrics

When the ghosts come out at night
Darkness rises from our fright
Echoes flicker in the silence
Chambers haunted by the violence
All that you see, may never be
Track Name: Swan Song
Some times I feel like fuck it all
Give it all up to the luck of the draw
I'm at the bottom of the barrel
And that barrel's barreling
Down the Rocky River to Niagara Falls
So I should start over before I fall over
A clean break, a clean slate, get clean and sober
Clean cut and honest, clean out my closet
Clean up my act like colon cleaned out, colonics
All I've accomplished seems not to matter
One rung up the ladder and I'm bruised and battered
War torn and tattered, my dreams are all shattered
I should pack up my shit and head north to Alaska
Or west to Nebraska cause something feels wrong here
Like I don't belong here, I've been here too long, yeah
So this is my swan song, next year I'll be long gone
This is my swan song, next year I'll be long gone

When the world echoes away
(I got my bags packed, I ain't never coming back, I ain't never coming back, I ain't never coming back)
We fade out
When the world echoes away
(You might miss me while I'm gone, but I'm never coming home, I ain't never coming home, I ain't never coming home)
Time is now

Maybe I can find my calling in New Orleans
A change of location just may solve all my problems
New one's may arise but at least they'll be small ones
Small town living man, I'm already falling
In love with the idea, start a new life here
A house on the hill, a brand new job and a wife, yeah
I want it so bad, I feel so stuck where I'm at
The forward progress I make, I take two giant steps back
And then, I think of leaving, yeah, maybe this evening
Just hop on a bus and buy a ticket to Cleveland
A new name, a new number, I'll get a job chopping lumber
A brand new state on the license plate on the back of my bumper
Cause something feels wrong here, like I don't belong here
The feeling is strong that I should be moving on, yeah
So this is my swan song, next year I'll be long gone
This is my swan song, next year I'll be long gone