Blame the Machines

by Electric Shadow Puppets

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Twelve songs to listen to alone at night while driving a car in the pouring rain... (or whenever you feel like listening to music that isn't all about sunshine, rainbows, flowers, and Cabbage Patch Kids...)


released September 9, 2008

© 2008 Electric Jones Records

Running Time: 50 Minutes 12 Seconds

All songs written and performed by Matt Anderson and Aldous Davidson

Aldous raps; Matt makes the music and sings

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Matt Anderson

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge

Album cover by Josef Buchanan

Electric Jones Publishing (BMI)

* Dan Schimpf is featured on What We Are
* Kerri Ford is featured on Ancient Love Machine
* Dozie Uzoma is featured on Space Police



all rights reserved


Electric Shadow Puppets New York, New York

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Track Name: Driving
Father said to stay in school
Study hard and you’ll be rich
Teachers taught me math and science
All I learned was life’s a bitch
The daily struggle, lessons learned,
A wife that loves you, hard work earns
A pension plan and mini-van’s, two-car garage, a family man
Look, what more can I say now, look
A child on the way now, look
Promotion any day now, look
The more you slave away now, uh
Your weekly check, your credit debt
Look, look at what you get, at what you get.
You did the best you could with what you had, man!

In my mind, we won't have much time, if we wait too long

Mother said to get a job,
Pay your dues and you’ll go far
Climb your way up corporate ladders
Here’s your key, company car
Mortgage loans on gorgeous homes,
Your status known by things you own
When the kids have grown, tuition costs, buy and sell, stock market loss
Look, what more can I say now, look
A child on the way now, look
Promotion any day now, look
The more you slave away now, uh
Your weekly debt, your credit check,
Look, look at what you get, at what you get,
You did the best you could with what you had, man!

In my mind, we won't have much time, if we wait too long
Driving around, nowhere to be found, fading away from it all
Track Name: What We Are (featuring Dan Schimpf)
(I cannot forget)
Three little words that you never heard
Two little pronouns, one little verb
(Anyone I've known)
One little heart getting kicked to the curb
One little girl who wished it wasn’t hers
One little boy stares at stars in the sky
With the little girl’s heart and sparks in his eyes
(Deep inside the sky)
But a spark can’t inflame if that spark don’t ignite
So the little boy’s heart lay in darkness tonight
Boy grows up, he’s a stupid prick
Girl throws up, she just sucked a dick
(Is all that's ever been)
Boy loves girl, she’s the coolest chick
Boy gets dumped, she’s a stupid bitch

I can’t forget you, ever since I met you and let you into my life, I think about you
(I can stand what we are)
Every single minute of every single night, when every single second seems more like a life
Time moves so slow without you, and then you said I’d never learn shit about you
(The way I feel isn't all)
I said come on, give us some time to grow but you said no, that it was time to go
Whoa, hold on, maybe rethink that statement, you could be mistaken, these steps you’re taking
(The violence of the past)
Such a thin line comes between love and hatred.
If these bonds were sacred, how could you break them?
Who the hell are you to be so cold like that?
(Returns with more remorse)
Take what we had, put it on hold like that,
I don’t roll like that, you're oh so wack, your heart must be the color of coal: so black
Cause you and I, girl, we could have been something
You know what could have stopped us girl? Nothing
The new age Bonnie and Clyde, two partners in crime, we could have been the stars of our time
(Regret what you have done)
Maybe one day when the stars realign, we can still shine, we can still shine
(So someone is to blame)
Girl, let me inside, let me inside, open up your mind

I can't stand what we are
The way I feel isn't all

I feel your absence, so I drown my sorrows in some absinthe
Mix that with a bottle of the aspirin and them some acid,
(Open up your mind)
And then I’m passed it, the point of no return, I hope your seat belts fastened
Cause we crashing, it's time to cash in, imagine the nights we could have had, all the passion
(So I can see inside)
Its old fashioned but I think you and I, well, we could have lasted
We could have been perfect, well not perfect, shit, sometimes you and I were kinda like like a three-ring circus
(Echo a belief)
On the surface, but underneath, deep down, that’s where the real love flourished
Till you cut me off, shut me out, fuck I’m about to blow my top, love then hate, then love again, will it ever stop?
(If you cannot pretend)

Track Name: Brothers in Arms
I gotta a whole slew of motherfuckers out to get me
But a whole crew of other brothers love to rep me
And they’ll protect me in the dead of the night
When its on and poppin’ and we ready to fight
I just throw up a light, the bat signal is charged
All you see is mother fuckers getting outta their cars
Brass knuckles and bats, switchblades in their jackets
It's generals, lieutenants, sergeants, foot soldiers, and captains
Anything can happen, yeah, we rumblin’ now
Its mayhem in the streets, buildings crumbling down
All around us is chaos like the world as we know it
Slipping right through our fingers the more we try to control it
Through the eyes of a poet, our story is spoken
My brothers in arms, their bodies bloody and broken
Ripped open their stomachs, ribs poking up from it
corpses filling the streets, the blood pouring in buckets

To my brothers in arms, I promise you, you will see no harm
We must stand true, we will stay strong
For the fame and the fortune, till they're painting our portraits, till the whole worlds wanting our courtship
To my brothers in arms, I promise you, you will see no harm
We must stand true, we will stay strong
For the guts the and glory, till the end of our story, till the whole worlds screaming it for me

It's heaven verse hell, yeah it's angels verse demons
My life is a nightmare, someone pinch me, I’m dreaming
And I know that your fiending, but I’ll be your crutch
When you're down on your luck, and no one else gives a fuck
Cause that’s what I’m here for, you're someone I care for
We soldiers in this war like the army or Air Force
I’m the one you rely on, the shoulder to cry on
Put your life in my hands and I will lead us to Zion
I promise you that when the worlds at its coldest
And you're feeling hopeless that I shall remain focused
Have strength for us both it's
The least I could do
If the roles were reversed, I know that you’d do it to.
You have nothing to prove so let me carry this weight
The world on my shoulders and I swear I won’t break
Past the heavenly gates, past the sinners and saints
Past anyone who stands in our way


Come on now
Come on now
Come on now
Come out and fight

And thus the conclusion, the end of our journey
Thousands of bodies all strapped to the gurneys
The buildings were burning, a world lay to waste
But we had driven them back, stared death in the face
To Hell and back we had marched, the dust had now settled
Stench of blood in the air, burnt rubber and mettle
It was hot as a kettle and so hard to breath
The flies infested the bodies, the vultures circled the trees
And my brothers and me, yeah, my brothers in arms
Had emerged through the carnage, through the eye of the storm
Through the smoke of a bomb, we came out smelling like roses
Those of us who had survived the explosions
Though now there was few where once there was many
Our story’s past down, uh, and remains legendary
Shadow Puppets baby sing our praises through song Of our rise and our fall, yeah, you sing along

Track Name: Another Day
Look around, what do I see? Everybody's telling me
That the world is not ok, if I'm alone another day
Baby please give me one chance. Let me try to be your man
Find you alone with the setting sun and make you my only one

Is it ever any wonder that I never lost your number?
That in bed when I slumber, I'm dreaming of no other
I'm thinking of you girl when I'm kicking in the covers
It's your face on the other that I picture when I fuck her
I want you as my lover, introduce you to my mother
My bun up in your oven, a house out in the suburbs
Keep up with the Jones' if I just had the cajones
To ask you on a date instead of stalking where your home is

Baby, I know what I want (I want you)
Maybe, you know what I've got (I got you)
Baby, I know what I want (I want you)
And if I can't have it, no one will

I'm really not surprised that you got your mother's eyes
Their bluer than the sky, more beautiful than I
Could ever have realized and no, words cannot describe
How I feel about you and the routines in your life
These binoculars I bought were only a dollar ninety-nine
The purchase of the year, the best one of its kind
Soon I think you'll find that our lives will intertwine
I will enter yours and you will enter mine

Track Name: Footsteps in the Night
The night was dark and stormy and I had no weapon on me
I was driving by my lonely when my homey tried to call me
But I didn’t have reception so his call got no connection
Had I paid it more attention, I’d had learned the dead had risen
Their mission, open season on this human flesh
The walking dead they can’t rest until their hungers fed
And me, I’m stuck here in my car
Broken down by the road
Gonna walk through the park
Pray to God I get home

1 footstep, 2 footsteps, 3 footsteps, I hear someone coming
4 footsteps, 5 footsteps, 6 footsteps, I better get to running
7 footsteps, 8 footsteps, 9 footsteps, something’s creeping up beside me
10 footsteps, 11 footsteps, 12 footsteps, the horror’s right behind me

There’s a maniac a-stalking, he’s walking weird and he’s talking
To himself, mumbling under his breath, someone’s gonna get killed
Satanic verses for certain, taken for granted since birth and
Rejected by the few love ones who used to love him, they shun him
Want nothing to do with him now, they through with him now
So he wears a mask to hide the pain of the past
And me, I’m just strolling through town
I need to use someone’s phone
I’m being followed around
This guy won’t leave me alone


Don't come out tonight
Don't turn on your light
Don't open your eyes
If you want to hide

My dreams have all been haunted, I’m taunted by guys with claws in ‘em
Causing nightmares in volumes, I wake up feeling nausea
The zombies, they keep appearing
This small town is gripped in fear and
The government keeps on swearing they'll help but they don’t come near it
The town is under lock down
Quarantine the entire block down
The zombies, they can’t be shot down
The only hope that we got now
Is me, but I’m up here in this room
Locked up in this cage
I hope that he’ll free me soon
I haven’t eaten for days.

Track Name: Sin
Some things change bitch, you ain't one of them
Watch your back even when you think I'm gone
Hold on tight to the ones you love
Turn around to see what I've done
Don't try to act like your not afraid of all that lurks in the shadows of your brain
First I'll slip into your dreams, then reappear when you can't sleep
Hell would be a sweet escape from what your world has now become
I've come to take everything that's right and drain your soul til the end of time

Hi, my name is wrath, I’m a psychopath, I’m a psychopath
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is lust, I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is greed, you got what I need, you got what I need
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)

And I’m gonna take it, no mistaking, I’m forsaken, standing naked, drenched in blood
It’s the voices in my head, god, I’m so misunderstood
Oh try to be part of society but they lie to me so I quietly lose sobriety
Oh my god, I’m going fucking nuts
All I see are fucking cuts on my wrist and it sucks
So I gotta suck the blood off my cut and stitch it up
Drip the blood on the floor, on your knees, you lick it up
You’re my pet, I’m-a name you, I’m-a call you what I want
I’m gonna keep you in a cage, no, you’ll never see the sun
It’s so fun to hear you scream at the top of your lungs

Hi, my name is pride, I’m deep inside, I’m deep inside
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is sloth, my mind is lost, my mind is lost
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is envy, to hell I send thee, to hell I send thee
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)

And you're never coming back
You hear the ratatatatat of the rat up in his cage
See the gash up on his face, bones, I love to hear 'em crack
The sound just makes me laugh, you don’t even know the half of the sins that I have
Weighing heavy on my mind, which I lost a long time
Ago, oh no, you’re dying so slow, oh no, you’re crying, you know
I’m in the corner, rocking back and forth, your head up in my arms
Like you were a new born, like lambs unto the slaughter
I just love to torture, your pain will paint a portrait
The bloodstains on the carpet
There’s so much blood.

Hi, my name is gluttony, guess what, you’re stuck with me, guess what, you’re stuck with me
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is sin, I’m deep within, I’m deep within
(Hanging on, fading out, hating on what we're doing)
Hello, my name is
Hi, my name is sin, so let’s begin, so let’s begin
Track Name: Ancient Love Machine (featuring Kerri Ford)
You a beauty queen, I'm an Ancient Love Machine
We make a perfect match, we form the perfect team
I've waited a thousand years for you to wake me from my sleep
It only took one kiss, you're everything I dreamed you'd be

Oh girl I love you so, never, ever, ever gonna let you go
I set you free, you came back home.
You never, ever severed these ties we’ve grown
To the times you’ve thrown your hissy fits
Slit your wrists, dragged me through all the piss and shit, I still reminisce
About your kiss, I miss you... pulled me out from the dark abyss
And that’s why I want you here with me
Yes, why I love you fancy-free
In times of trouble, I turn to you like you turn to me
Till eternity, I’ll be there for you
Tf times are horrible, I’ll be your oracle
It's metaphorical, metaphysical, unconditional love.

You a beauty queen, I'm an Ancient Love Machine
We make a perfect match, we form the perfect team
I've waited a thousand years for you to wake me from my sleep
It only took one kiss, you're everything I dreamed you'd be

Oh girl, I want to live in your world
I don’t want to be nowhere but there curled
Up in bed with you, spooning
You deserve a second viewing, encore, encore, mi amore
I adore you more than anyone
Has anyone been this forward with you before?
I’ll start a war
Like Troy when Paris promised marriage
And then Helen got them killing
You’re a million times appealing than that chick
You would launch a billion ships
What’s a thousand? When your frowning
I’m around to make that pout turns upside down
So ultra quick.


Like Romeo and Juliet, we’re star-crossed lover newlyweds
The Montegues, the Capulets, say fuck 'em all, cause it's us verse them
Behind closed doors we’ll make our vows
They ain’t gonna approve of it anyhow
They try and take us down, tear us apart
Not even death's gonna stop this burning heart
From our wedding night til Armageddon strikes
Its gonna be alright if its you and I
And they can run me off but I’ll turn right back around
Quick as you can say where art thou?
And a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
But if it grows from any other strain its weak
It just can’t compete, I’m just not complete
Unless you're with me, girl, you’re all I need

Track Name: Space Police (featuring Dozie Uzoma)
Listen up, this is Captain Dozie speaking
We've got a crazy psycho killer on the loose
I need all cars to be on the lookout
Officers Davidson and Anderson, get your ass to the vector quadrant
Put down your space donuts dammit, he's just been spotted

Look up into the sky
Who ever thought pigs would actually fly?
At the world's end, everything said and done
The bullies of the past are now armed with guns
Wait a minute, I'll get inside of their heads
Before I simply state that they'd be better of dead
And take a good look at the value of life
The virtue of a brain and the violence of a knife

We fly around every single night
Cruising, just looking for a fight
We're lifeless, mindless, soulless, remorseless, and violent
Girl get on your knees, I'd kill before I'd ever say please
And if you tell, who'd you think they'd believe
A slutty little girl or the fucking police

Welcome to the city, it's gritty in the streets
Yeah, they try to keep the peace but the city never sleeps
So the city needs police, so they're calling all cars
Times have fallen hard so they look to the stars
And look, here we are, yeah, they say I’m corrupt
That I don’t give a fuck, that I’ll self-destruct
And yes, I refuse to play by the rules
And my partner, he’s a martyr cause he never follows orders
A loose-cannon with the handgun
The captain throws his tantrums
But he knows he needs us cause no ones gonna catch ‘em
These criminals
From illegal immigrants to those evil replicants, we're pivotal
So who you gonna call when the shit hits the fan?
And you’ve done what you can but it's out of your hands
It’s the mother fucking space police
We're on the case, gonna clean the streets


Got a couple girlfriends, got a couple wives
A mistress on the side, babysitter needs a ride
So what, I’m a bad guy, take my ass to court
The only child I support is the child you abort
I’m an asshole, but I get the job done
Rid the city of the scum with my badge and my gun
And I jab you in the lungs, leave you out of breath
Cause I love to see you sweat when your under arrest
So yes, be my guest, you have the right to remain silent
The mind of a nihilist so I might remain violent
Hit you with the Heimlich, its not to save you
Its to crush your spine and leave your ass disabled
Now, don’t you safer? I protect and serve
But collect your nerves cause I expect the worst
It’s the mother fucking space police
We on the case, gonna keep the peace

Track Name: Neverland
I remember when I was a kid, just eight years old
You remember what we did? We would search for gold
We would dig a hole in the backyard
Bury some shit, make swords out a cardboard
Then we would imagine fire-breathing dragons
And battle them bitches till the sun went down
Until mom would yell, get your ass in the house
It's getting dark outside, we’d be back in about
Twenty minutes or so, re-digging the hole
On the first day of winter, we’d both catch a cold
And little Wendy next door would play doctor with us
That’s how we learned about girls, cooties and stuff
Gosh those were the days, man, but they went away man
We went and grew up, no more lemonade stand
Our imagination faded away
I’m too busy today, to come out and play

I don’t want to grow old
(I don't want to waste it all away)
Its getting so cold
I can feel it in my bones
(I don't want to waste it all away)
I just want to go home

We traded action figures for facts and figures
Tonka trucks for Sanka cups
Tell me what’s with us?
Why grow up so fast? Tell me, what’s the rush?
I guess it’s the bucks, I got a 9 to 5 now
Suit and tie now, guess I’m tied down
I don’t got the time now to watch my own son slide down the slide that I slid down
I think I’ll just sit down, rest my weary legs
Feet up near the bed, it's time to clear my head
Reminisce about the past with sentimental affection and look upon my future with fear and dread
A wise man once said
Only the good die young
Does that mean if I grow up, that I’m bad or something?
I guess I had it coming
Squandered my youth
Shed my skin for an Armani suit


They say time is cyclical, but I’m getting cynical
In my old age now, I pray its just biblical
Like my second coming will have trumpets and drumming
A lot of singing and screaming, drinking, smoking and fucking
Now wouldn’t that be something?
I could be a kid again
Repeat the things I did at ten and not mess up
I’d have a lot less of
The regrets I had on the first go around, which I have an excess of
But after life is there an Afterlife?
It's how we use our time now that matters right?
I should be satisfied, not live in the past
Like back then, I scored more ass
I don’t move so fast these days
I’ve had hips replaced
Emergency surgery, I’m at Heaven’s Gate
St. Peter’s like great, this fucking guy, his ass will have to wait

(Tell me why I have no time, to look into the otherside)
Track Name: Into a Dream
In the shadow of a setting sun, where darkness reigns
Unhinge to the other side, where nothing is explained
Never believe it all, no way
Sit out and fight the breakdown, violence eases pain

In the heart of a quiet beast, terror feeds the deep
Ugly statues of a plundered mind, open up a trace
Into a dream and just behind fearless worries
Shatter a soul into the sky, nothing else remains
Track Name: Shadow Fields
Come and march with me
This whole thing starts with me
Approach cautiously
Cause there are parts of me that you don’t have the heart to see
And honestly, I can’t be held responsible
For the numbing pain, like when you get your tonsils pulled
But there ain’t no ice cream here but when I scream here
I need you to scream along
Perhaps its extremely wrong
But I need you to do everything I tell you to do
Not everything I tell you is true
But believe me
When you see me
Act agreeably
It's in your best interests to not take what I say in jest
I’m just a guest
In the inner corners of your mind
And this is just all a test

We believe what we want
We can see the reasons
We conceived the problems
We relieve the lost ones

The world falls apart
We we come for all

Tell us why you're spineless
Waste away the timeless
Feel around with blindness
Give yourself to silence

Fill the mind with treason
Feed you one more reason
Sell your soul for one thought
Give us all that you've got

Track Name: Mindless
You and I friend, well we're kinda the same
Just reflections in the mirror, two different sides of the brain
I'm good at hiding the pain, you wear yours on your sleeve
You think you're nothing like me huh?
Well that's hard to believe
You see, it just takes a day and everything, it can change
You see, the sanest man alive, he can just go insane
Yeah, he's minutes away, any second he'll snap
He's had it up to here and he ain't coming back

You think I'm mindless
Like I lost my mind and I can't find it
But I'm sane I am, no really honest
Yeah, you're safe with me, you see, I'm harmless
Yeah, I'm harmless

That's bullshit homie, I ain't nothing like you
Not even close, there ain't nothing even similar to
A single thing that you do that even closely compares
I've seen my fair share of lunacy and you ain't prepared
You see, if I were to crack, to be pushed over the edge
To conversate with the voices that keep talking in my head
I'd act all normal, just like everyone else
I'd be your neighbor, be your friend, I'd be just like yourself
Oh no


I can't be alone with you
I can't see what I've become
You make me do what I will
We will be the crazy ones